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Efforts To Use The Faeces Liquor As An Alternative Inoculum

In In Vitro Technique

Muhammad Afdal

Department of  Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture Universiti Putra Malaysia

Laboratory of Ruminant Nutrition, Faculty of Animal husbandry, University of Jambi, Indonesia

Februari 2008

1. Introduction

Rumen liquor has been widely used as inoculum in some in vitro techniques of feed evaluation. This liquor has been firstly used by Tilley and Terry (1963) for their two-step technique of feed evaluation. It was then also applied in the rumen simulation technique (Czerkawski and Breckenridge, 1977) and in the gas producton technique (Menke, et al, 1979 and Theodorou et a, 1994) all over the world. Until now rumen liquor is still the only inoculum used in in vitro technique.

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