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Daya Cerna Jagung dan Rumput sebagai Pakan Rusa (Cervus Timorensis)

R. Garsetiasih

Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Hutan dan Konservasi Alam, Bogor


The experiment was done on two couples of deer to determine digestilibities and consumption of grass and corn. Each heads of deers of 12-14 months, each couple was managed on difference model of stable (mini ranch and traditional stable) the grass was kept available to deers during the periods of observation and corn was given every two days (250 g). Description analysis and Tillman et al. formula (1984) were implemented to know the level of consumption and digestibility of feed on difference model of stable. Quantitativelly, the deers on the mini ranch were the best; the digestilibities of its constituents were 58.4% crude fibre; 58.9% organic matter and 47.7% dry matter, digestilibities on the tradisional stable were 49.2% crude fibre; 52.2% organic matter and 50.7% dry matter. Feed consumption of the deers on the mini ranch and traditional stable were 1.570 kg and 1.440 kg.

Key words: Deer, digestibility, corn, grass.


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